Copywriting, Brand Voice + Web Design with Logo Development

Our copywriter Jas collaborated with Freelance Graphic Designer Ailbie Larkin for logo development and worked with virtualheather to build upon a template designed by Pearler. Together we created a new website for The Good Change, an impact driven consulting firm advocating for work life harmony.

For the copywriting, we started by getting clear on brand personality, tone of voice, core values and purpose for THE GOOD CHANGE. We also laid foundations with industry research, target audience profiles and SEO keyword research before designing the user journey and sitemap. There’s a lot of important backwork to do before we even begin copywriting for a new web build!

We wanted to make good use of social proof and past client cases to help the user understand Lisa’s work, who she helps and the impact that it has. You can see this with the ‘trusted by’ logo banner on the homepage and the ‘Cases’ page. We also made sure to put testimonials from clients across the whole site, as well as a social proof stats banner on the Cases page.

For the Services page, we broke Lisa’s offerings down into 3 main services, specifying who they’re for, what it involves, the pricing and matched each to a past client case to show the service in action. After all of this info was designed into digestible chunks with the relevant Call To Action buttons (book a call), we also added 3 final sections on the page: Book Lisa as a Speaker, Upcoming Events and FAQs. That makes 5 different offerings which we created anchors for as a Services menu along the top of the page to make it easier for the user to navigate through the page.

Each offering is divided into it’s own section with a drop-down list for further details as shown below.

The ARDEA team and Lisa decided that a blog on THE GOOD CHANGE website would be an effective way to generate more web traffic and reach Lisa’s ideal client base via SEO keyword blog posts. The blog also allows for Lisa to delve deeper into topics of interest to her audience so that they can learn more about her methodology, values and purpose. It’s a place to get inspired and join the movement toward life work harmony! 

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