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She is Magnetic

A visual branding project for a women’s mentorship & retreat business.

Nienke came with us at the initial ideation stage of her project. She wanted to create an online community and mentorship program to empower women, sharing her own spiritual practices and guidance for women to discover their purpose and live their full potential.
As an entrepreneur with experience in the field of marketing, Nienke knew exactly what she wanted, so we collaborated closely with her to fine tune her visual identity to her target audience.
We created a full brand guide with a logo, set of patterns, style guides for social media and web and market research. We then went on to collaborate on an e-book, helping with written content & visual design, to give potential clients a taste of Nienke’s work.
A year later we re-connected and added some new colours to Nienke’s original minimal colour palette, as well as some new illustrations to represent the chakras. She used this re-brand to launch a new online course.
"If you work in the wellness industry or have a business with a mission to make the world a better place, ARDEA are the ones to go to. It makes things so much easier when someone understands your taste and mission"
Founder, SIM
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