Brand Identity & Voice • Copywriting for Web • UX Design

FairForce specialise in community building and organic growth strategies for brands that care about impact. FairForce was founded by Margherita Sgorbissa, a community building strategist and impact consultant currently based in Berlin.

We created a visual language and a brand voice to solidify FairForce’s message and values. Their new home on the web acts as conversation starter with the FairForce community and a direct channel to showcase past projects & book services.

Fuchsia is a colour Marg chose to reclaim the “girly” vibe, and to remind that “girly” is not equal to weak or unprofessional, but a whole statement: “we – as women and communities from traditionally marginalized groups – are allowed to take space and be loud.”

The shapes we created for the brand are inspired by some of the most important words used to describe FairForce: organic growth, collective care, grounded, make connections, human approach.

By creating brand voice and visual guidelines we laid strong foundations for the full web design and copywriting to keep the mission and vision clear, consistent and impactful throughout.

We worked together on copy, UX and implementation to create a user journey that invites discovery yet has a clear end goal - to book a call with Marg. It was important for her that the FairForce past projects acted as a key form of communication to explain the impact and process of her work.

What FairForce had to say:

"Olivia and Jasmine were highly professional, competent and incredibly empathic. Working with them felt natural from day 1 and it only got better throughout our project. Olivia was able to capture the essence of my brand and turn it into the most aligned visual outcome. Jas’ copywriting and editing skills were phenomenal. She drafted pieces of content for the website that felt exactly how I want them to be: approachable, inclusive, culturally competent and authentic."

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