Work From Home Well-Being: Integration & Exploration

Intentional yoga practices and practical systems to support your personal and professional development whilst working from home. Guided by the elements.

A creative collaboration between ARDEA and Yoga Therapies

Each elemental well-being practice from Yoga Therapies is accompanied with carefully curated resources, practical systems and exploratory themes from ARDEA to support those Working From Home.  

Full price: £45

Start date: Anytime, self-paced

What's included:

ꐕ 5 x Yoga Flows, 5 x Guided Meditations, 1 x Breathwork Tutorial & 1 x WFH Wrist, Neck & Shoulder Therapy. All professionally recorded in studio at Yoga Therapies. 

✺ Accompanying themed theory and practical systems designed by ARDEA to support your work and passion projects.

✎ A guided set of exploratory journal prompts for each element & carefully curated resources for further learning.

⌲ Lifetime access. All practices and resources are with you for life to come back to again and again in an open ended exploration. You’ll find that returning back to each chapter brings new lessons.

⟿ Formatted on our user-friendly course platform to help you move through at your own pace. You get to choose whether you follow a set structure of 5 days, 5 weeks or dip in and out when you feel.

❂ Access to a private membership community of like minded people not on facebook!

Example chapter sequence


Guided by the five elements

WFH wellbeing-symbols-16


Laying Foundations with Stability, Structure & Nature Connection

WFH wellbeing-symbols-17


An Embodied Exploration of Flow, Surrender & Creative Expression

WFH wellbeing-symbols-18


Stoking the Internal Fire of Drive, Passion & Action Taking

WFH wellbeing-symbols-19


Cultivating an Appreciation of Breath & Impermanence

WFH wellbeing-symbols-20


On Making Space & Integrating a Wholeness of Experience

Who is this for?

⋒ Those Working From Home who could do with some support keeping their well-being on the To-Do-List alongside their work projects and housekeeping tasks.

⋒ People who understand that to function well at work, we need to feel resourced and have supportive systems in place.

⋒ Creatives who would like to weave together structure and flow.

⋒ Freelancers working for themselves.

⋒ Changemakers looking for a sustainable approach to their action-taking to ensure they don’t reach burn out.

⋒ Whether a seasoned yogi or in the first stages of your yoga journey, this program is for those who are interested in how our own well-being impacts our relationships and the wider world.

⋒ Anyone curious about yoga being so much more than breathwork and some shapes we pull on the mat!

Program Creators

Ardea is a creative partnership between Jasmine Sara and Olivia Dias. They help changemakers and entrepreneurs to attract and build their community with design, copywriting and strategic branding. Ardea ran a successful online course in 2020 called Meaningful Marketing for Changemakers & Freelancers that had participants from all over the world. They also work to support ethical entrepreneurs through business mentorship.

Yoga Therapies is a studio nurturing community in Newcastle Upon Tyne. They run Yoga Alliance accredited and internationally recognised trainings, immersive retreats, workshops and classes to offer an in depth exploration of the art, the science and the spirit of yoga. Their online streaming platform is constantly evolving with programs, classes and series’ to support At Home Yoga practice.

Yoga teaches us to take care of ourselves so we are better able to take care of each other and our planet.

This experience will not take you from A to B be it broken to fixed, stressed out to calm or any other form of problem to solution. It will provide you with some of the necessary conditions to self-regulate, explore and integrate sustainable systems that support your work.

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The details

Work From Home Well-Being: Integration & Exploration

Full price: £45

Start date: Anytime, self-paced

Access: Once you go through checkout you will be prompted to create an account on our course platform. There you will find the program chapters and accompanying community space, we’ll also send you a confirmation email with a handy link.