The Story of Our Brand Name


Finding our brand name, ARDEA, perfectly mirrors how we work together. It was easy, simple and it just flowed.

At the very start of our collaboration in Dec 2018, we were sitting by a river in Brazil playing inspiration tennis with all our ideas when a heron flew past to sit on the rock by us.

Out of curiosity we looked up the Latin name for heron, which is Ardea. Jasmine, who is all about taking action thought it sounded like ‘our day’ and Olivia, who is full of big ideas said it sounded like ‘idea’. Turning ideas into action and seizing the day is what we do, so this was starting to feel really aligned.

We then looked into the symbolism behind heron, and discovered this bird can represent following your path, finding unconventional ways to be productive fueled with the knowledge that you can and you will craft the life you want.

This is exactly who we are. Our promise to you is that we will work with all your ideas and take action now to communicate them to the world.

The story behind how we found our brand name perfectly mirrors who we are, what we do and how we support others to pursue meaningful work aligned with their life’s calling!

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