We’re hosting a 1 hour online restorative yoga class with Jasmine Sara Yoga open to all, to raise money for Refuge, a domestic violence charity for women and children.


Every penny goes to Refuge Charity

Date: Monday 8th March 6pm GMT 

We will send an email with the Zoom Link and a Spotify Playlist to go with the class 30 minutes before it begins on Monday

*** Make sure to bring lots of cushions, snuggly blankets or whatever you have in the house that can help support you to feel comfortable.

Who we're fundraising for

Refuge is a UK-based charity. As well as providing a range of support services for women & children, they campaign for changes to the way the Government responds to domestic and gender based violence victims and perpetrators, so that women and children are better protected. It also prevents future abuse by raising awareness of violence against women and girls. 

More info on their website.

The theme of this year’s IWD is ‘Choose to Challenge’. So we decided to roll with that to create a safe space celebrating rest as resistance. Patriarchal capitalist systems place value on productivity and profit above people, stripping us of our cyclical nature as human beings and need for sustainable structures. 

We see rest as a radical act of resistance, a defiant claim to our right to take an intentional space of recovery from the exhausting impact of living under patriarchal capitalism.

Perhaps the most alarming and terrifying factor of the patriarchy is the way male violence against women is allowed to prevail in most societies across the globe which is why we are fundraising for Refuge to support women and children to be safe from violence.