Our specialism is writing for social and environmental impact.

Hi I’m Jasmine Sara! I’m a big believer in the power of storytelling. It’s been 14 years since I first started writing for publication. Words connect people and the stories we tell can help shape a kinder, fairer and more inclusive world.

I’m a copy & content writer, messaging strategist and ethical copywriting mentor. I  weave a brand’s story, values and tone of voice into every piece I write for them. I have excellent writing and editing skills, attention to detail and balance strategic thinking with a creative approach.

I write website copy, SEO blog posts, email marketing campaigns and more. Check out some examples below; from educational well-being pieces to campaigning on meaningful projects around the world.

Travel blogging to SEO briefs

Worldpackers is a collaborative network for those looking for a unique travel experience, it links hosts up with volunteers for work exchanges. We wrote blog posts to their SEO briefs, to direct the right people to their website and nurture a sense of community within their existing network. Here are some of our project specific blog posts fitting an SEO brief from the client:

15 easy ways to reduce plastic waste when travelling

Promoting eco travel

How Not to Let Fear and Anxiety Stop you From Traveling

Inspiring new people to join the community

Ways to Manage Living Where You Work

Supporting community and a different way of life

Educational content writing on Yoga

Yoga Basics is an award winning yoga resource for the exploration of yoga postures, meditation techniques, yoga therapy, and the history & philosophy of yoga. We wrote educational blog posts to share existing research and news within the yoga and wellness world.

How Yoga Can Aid Rehabilitation for Prison Inmates

Building awareness of NGOs offering yoga programs to inmates

Trauma-Informed Yoga Helps Survivors of Abuse to Heal

Encouraging readers to support trauma survivors

How to Prevent Dizziness During Yoga

Educational content creation

Creative & Strategic Copywriting for Web

I’ve created custom copy for the websites of values-led brands. This involves establishing the website goals and creating a user journey through the site that prioritises choice, consent and clarity. Successful copy for web merges strategy with creativity and is grounded in ethical marketing principles. 

I wrote the full web copy for the first two projects featured below. For the last one, I supported the client to write their own words with my copywriting for web support package including: user journey, research, site structure, copy templates, SEO keyword research and editing feedback.

FairForce: Brand Impact Consultant

Web copy for an ethical business that supports entrepeneurs to centre social equity in their marketing, operations and systems.

Suelo Segrado: Social Farming Initiative

Web copy for a collective of sustainable organic farmers selling veg boxes and artisan products with farm to door delivery in Peru.

The Bloom: Global Community for Social Impact

Copwriting support to connect people with impact careers via this intersectional feminist newsletter.

Content Creation & Editing

Roma Norriss is a trauma-informed parenting consultant specialising in turning around unworkable family situations. I wrote an article for her to generate sales for her online program called Listening School. It was written as part of her marketing strategy to inform potential clients for the program of what to expect.
Valley Camp is a non-profit based in Peru supporting youth development through outdoor experiences in the Cusco region and beyond. At Ardea Creative we designed their website with bespoke illustrations and supported the founder to write her own copy for web with site structure, copywriting templates and editing feedback.
Tracey Hosey is a sustainable photographer offering professional shoots for green business owners. I edited her existing sales page to implement ethical copywriting, wrote her homepage and lead magnet e-book guide complete with sign-up page, as well as her welcome sequence and a 3 month series of emails on green business practices.

Emotional Overwhelm is a Sign You Need to be Listened To

Experience of a 6-week online course called Listening School.

Valley Camp

a non-profit organization providing environmental and outdoor education to children and teenagers.

Guide to Greener Business Practices

An e-book for anyone who wants to make their business more eco-friendly!

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