Meaningful Marketing for Freelancers and Changemakers

Launch your project, build a values-led brand and make an impact

Turn your ideas into reality

A 7 week online course designed to develop your ideas and streamline your marketing activities, so that you have clearer systems for work you love and can break down the mountain of marketing into straightforward, tangible steps.

We see so many business owners and creatives with a brilliant vision when it comes to their area of expertise, like running workshops or crafting in the studio. But they find the Marketing side a chore, a bore and overwhelming.

We know that not everyone is at the stage where they want to outsource their work, and that you can make a really good start yourself. This course makes Marketing exciting, accessible and meaningful.

We’ll help you turn your idea into a brand, reach the right people and manage all of this around your business’ main activities as well as put your own wellbeing on the to-do-list.

This course is for you if:

⌓ You find the idea of ‘marketing’ overwhelming and want to streamline your activities, so you have more time to do what you love.

⌓ Are in the first stages of exploring your ideas and want to learn more about launching your own business. 

⌓ Are someone who finds the business and marketing side of things a bit tricky / boring / difficult to get your head around.

⌓ Are a small business owner / creative / freelancer working solo.

⌓ Are a purpose led project, perhaps NGO, non-profit or community based group wanting to learn more about reaching the right people.

⌓ Want to get a deeper understanding of authentic marketing, developing professionally at the same time as working on your personal growth.

What is included:

✉ 7 chapters covering essential components to market meaningful projects in an authentic way, whilst keeping your own wellbeing in balance with your work.

✎ Carefully designed homework tasks to put the theory into practice and help you grow your ideas and take action for your business / project.

❂ Our unique Brand Voice template to make sure your messaging is clear and you’re confident in the way you speak about your project.

☺ You’ll be part of a closed Facebook group with other course participants/alumni. As course leaders we will be on hand to answer your questions via email or in the FB group.

✍ Project planner spreadsheet to get your projects organised with a tutorial video on how to use it, plus weekly planner print out.

♫ Extras including things like tailored playlists, guided meditation audio and step-by-step guide to launching.

♕ Lifetime access to the course as a resource to refer back to at any time.

☁ Inspirational quotes for each week’s theme, a reading list and carefully curated resources strategically planned throughout to support solid foundations for your project.

Course creators

We are Olivia and Jasmine, founders of Ardea Creative.

When we started our business journey together, we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t have much of a plan or any idea how we’d find our first client. Fast forward to 2.5 years later and we’re running our business from Brazil & the UK, working with clients across continents and building an international community of ethical entrepreneurs.

With a combined background in marketing, design, copywriting, retreats and yoga therapies, we’ve used our expertise and experience to bring you a course covering the essential foundations of developing your project.

From building your brand and finding your ideal clients to overcoming the hurdles of creative blocks and fatigue as a hard-working entrepreneur, we’ve got you covered.

Head to our contact page to ask any Qs if you like!

Participant Feedback

Course Content

1: Following your spark of an idea

Everything starts with an idea. To kickstart, we introduce the team behind Ardea and the story of how we turned an idea into a flourishing business. Week 1 is all about tapping into your purpose to start practically implementing your own ideas.

2: Building habits to sustain your work

In order to be able to give energy to our projects, stay inspired and feel motivated, we need to be operating from a place of overall balance. Week 2 encourages you to work to your strengths and write your own recipe for success. It looks at helpful habits in  marketing as well as time management behind the scenes.

3: Re-strategise your brand with visuals and voice

In week 3 we take an in depth look at your brand identity: who you are, what you bring to the table, why what you do is important to you and how to communicate that to your audience. We’ll help you to feel confident and be consistent in your marketing.

4: Meaningful marketing to share your purpose

When you’re clear on the purpose driving all your hard work and wholeheartedly believe in what you have to offer, marketing can actually be fun, trust us! Week 4 explores tangible tools for better understanding marketing as an authentic process. We want you to make an impact AND an income.

5: Careful collaboration & making connections

Week 5 looks at different ways you can connect to your network and collaborate with others. We are so sure that we’re not meant to do this alone, by lifting each other up we all fly higher.

6: Sustainable work – why rest is key to productivity 

This is possibly one of the most important lessons of them all! Week 6 looks at how to be smart with our own energy to work in a way that is more sustainable. Expect to learn about the science of stress, the importance of rest, how to find balance and how all of this can be beautifully mirrored in your marketing strategy.

7: The importance of checking in

We firmly believe that making the time to check in with yourself both personally and professionally is essential for workplace wellbeing and the success of your business or project. Week 7 is an opportunity to reflect, take stock and integrate everything you’ve learnt over the 7 week course.

Bonus: Step-by-step guide to launch

This step-by-step guide is your map to marketing your business. It’s aimed at beginners and is an accessible way to implement your very own marketing strategy. .

The details

Meaningful Marketing Course

Full price: £90

Course dates: You can start the course at any time.

Hours: Approx 2-3 hours per week commitment.

Struggling financially? Concessions are available. Get in touch with us to process the discount.

Financial aid: If you are looking to invest your time in this course as part of an activist project, volunteer work or NGO then email us for a 50% discount code on the full course! We’re here to support you to take action.

We’d especially like to encourage anyone who has faced systemic barriers to their work to contact us so we can process discounted rates or full scholarship places. We recognise existing systemic racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, sexism and classism that lead to extra barriers or lack of opportunity in education and business.

We want to make sure our online course challenges existing power structures and says to anyone who has been discriminated against that we value you as leaders and understand how underrepresented you are in well-being spaces and business.

Contact us if you want to do the course and need a discount or free place: