Observe the Flow Around You to Find the Right Path

Kellie Gilmour, Reiki Master

This week we’re introducing Kellie Gilmour, a reiki master based in Cornwall, UK. She runs Go Reiki! and the Falmouth Meditation Group. She supports and connects people interested in meditative practices, combining traditional and modern therapeutic techniques for well being. Having always had an interest in eastern philosophies and traditional/indigenous medicinal practices, she began to take her study seriously after a life-changing injury to her spine. Through this she managed to to regain a good quality of life without surgical intervention or total reliance on long-term pain medication. She now shares this knowledge and her experiences with others that need help.

In 1 sentence, what is the purpose of the work you do?

To share the knowledge gained from my own personal experiences and study with others through various clinical treatments, workshops and support groups.

What book, film, YouTube video, radio program or podcast has most inspired you recently and how?

A conversation between The Ice Man Wim Hof and Russell Brand, discussing the self-healing power that we all possess. I love this particularly because Wim, like me, likes to ground his theories and techniques in sound scientific evidence which is massively helpful for the advancement of re-introducing traditional and natural medicinal practices into modern society.

When you feel a resistance to work or a bit down/tired, what helps you to renew your focus?

Meditation in nature (my fave is Zazen but I use many different techniques to suit!). Sea-swims. Getting out in the wind, rain and sunshine. All helping me find my way back to ‘Being’ and ‘in Flow’.

Who do you go to for advice or to help you talk over your business/creative plans and ideas?

I meditate often, which is a great way to find answers to questions so I usually make most decisions by myself but it would be lovely to have others to bounce ideas with too!

As a freelancer what do you struggle with the most and how do you manage that?

Financial security. I was lucky to have been introduced to support systems to help people like me (previously long-term ill and with disability) which can offer a ‘safety net’ when just starting out and business is less than flourishing!

What is your greatest joy about the work you do?

Watching people realise their full potential, and finding relief from ailments they may have been suffering from for years. Also it helps to keep my own physical and mental well being in check also!

If money were no obstacle and you could invest as much as you need into your business, what’s the biggest dream you have for your project?

To offer a live-in and out-patient recovery centre for people suffering from long-term or medically unresponsive illness.

Can you tell us 3 main values that you live your life by and that inform how you work?

1. Always deal with Truth, not through your ego or emotionally-tinted goggles!
2. Observation of Flow. If the way is proving consistently difficult with many obstacles presenting, you may not be on be the right path, ‘Your’ path.
3. Check what the base foundation is for your intentions/ideas/actions. If it is coming from Fear, that vibration will resonate throughout the proceeding work. If it is Love (I prefer ‘Unconditional Openness’ for clarity) that vibration will resonate through the work. The former is a closed vibration and stifling, the latter an open vibration and therefore offers much room for growth and vision.

What kind of positive change are you aiming to make in the world through the work you do?

To support the integration of traditional, natural therapeutic techniques with modern, western medicine (rather than picking and fighting for one over the other!) and to bring focus to prevention of disease as opposed to waiting for illness to manifest before seeking treatment.

What does the word “creativity” mean to you?

Growth and expression.

Do you have any lessons to share that you’ve learnt about being a freelancer / creative / small business owner that might help someone thinking of pursuing their own project?

Be honest with yourself, is this the right thing for you to be pursuing? (In life, love or work- everything is linked and will have an impact on each other.) Listen to your highest self, observe the flow around you. If it’s too difficult a journey, consider if you’re on the right route, you may be blinding yourself from your correct path by setting blinkers on one destination. Everyone has the capacity of being a success, if they are truthful to themselves. And stay healthy!

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