International Women’s Day 2022 – Women-led Businesses

Happy International Women’s Day! What better time is there to bring your attention to some women in business who are  pioneering meaningful change in their respective fields. We’ve put together a few bios of women-led businesses in various fields. We hope you enjoy reading and feel as inspired as we did by their stories.

Anjuli Tuck – Studio Junk

Anjuli is the founder of rad, web design studio, Studio Junk. They’re a black owned business who work with bold, sustainable brands with a focus on climate conscious positive change and creative collaboration. Anjuli amplifies diverse voices through her work and has truly cultivated a values-led business that allows people to be expressive and playful in their branding. A perfect example of a people-first business that cares for Mama Earth! We’re mad about her work. Check it out here:

 Jasmine Anouna – The Bloom

Jasmine is the founder of The Bloom, a weekly, feminist newsletter with a reach of over 10,000 diverse individuals, cultivated by likeminded human rights activists and change-makers. With a focus on social justice, intersectional feminism and joy, The Bloom offers its readers hope and actionable resources as a much needed alternative to the inertia of doom scrolling. Readers are presented with over 50 impactful paid job and internship opportunities every week, plus a selection of empowering businesses to connect with. This newsletter feeds the fire in our bellies to fuel essential change and is a welcome invitation to digest content more intentionally. Subscribe here:

Margherita Sgorbissa – FairForce

Margherita is a community building strategist and impact consultant who proves that you can be both a profitable and ethical, human-first business! She founded FairForce to help entrepreneurs integrate social equity principals into their brand strategy and make an impact through community building. The default business model is one that was shaped by a capitalist society, and adopts harmful marketing tactics. Margherita challenges this model through her work and demonstrates that newer, ethical business models are both possible and successful! FairForce helps clients with impact and leadership consultancy to support those who are committed to creating meaningful change through their business. We were lucky to work with Marg creating her web design and copy which you can see here

Claudia Stankler – Connectd

The fintech industry is one that still has a long way to go in terms of equality. Female founders received just 2.3% of VC funding in 2020 and have raised just 1% of total fintech investment in the last ten years. As the COO of Connectd (a human-centered fintech platform that connects advisers and investors with successful and innovative start-ups), Claudia has committed herself to cultivating a corner of the industry that’s both inclusive and accessible. She sees diversity as the future of investment and continues to grow Connectd with the goal of equality in the fintech industry. So far, under Claudia’s operations, Connectd has become the leading platform for early stage funding, won over 1500 members across the globe, financed over 100 investment rounds- many of which have raised over £2 million.

Dawn Adam- Wild Women Camping

We adored Wild Women Camping as soon as we discovered them! A business that’s rooted in empowering women to explore the great outdoors, Wild Women Camping offers courses in navigation, camp craft, camping equipment and etiquette. Positioned near the 369 square miles of rolling hills in Dartmoor National Park, Wild Women Camping presents the perfect opportunity for women to disconnect from the busy bustle of life and reconnect with the peace and solitude of nature, all while under the incredibly experienced guidance of founder, Dawn Adam. As a freelance instructor and expedition leader, Dawn’s led expeditions in Iceland, Borneo, Malawi and has summited peaks Mt Toubkal in Morocco and Stok Kangri in the Himalayas. Check out her courses here:

Nadine Angelica Gadia-Casino – ALIMA Mother Support Center

Nadine founded the ALIMA Mother Support Center to support women in her community during their pre and post-natal journeys. Alima is actually a Bisaya word that means to nurture, foster, or support. A huge advocate for natural childcare and supporting mothers, Nadine has curated an inclusive community that champions a holistic approach to pregnancy and has empowered women through breastfeeding support, newborn classes and lip and tongue tie information and support. Nadine also works closely with Smile Train Philippines, offering free services for infants with cleft lips and/ or palates. We’re in awe of the work that she does and the beautiful community that she’s curated! Take a look at ALIMA’s Facebook page here:

Cindy Mi – VIPKID

Cindy Mi founded VIPKID in 2013 in order to connect K-8 students in China to English teachers in North America for an immersive education. It now has over 600,000 students and has become one of the fastest growing start-ups in all of China! Cindy’s passion for education is truly inspiring- she’s a big advocate in the power of education to transform and empower students, parents and teachers. She’s on the advisory boards of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Alumni Association and also works closely with the Jack Ma Foundation which works to develop education programs in remote areas of China.

Anne Wojcicki – 23andMe

A former molecular biologist, Anne utilised her knowledge of biotech businesses to co-found 23andMe with Lina Avey and Paul Cusenza. The first direct to consumer DNA testing business, 23andMe allows users to gain a comprehensive understanding of their genetic information, such as ancestry, genetic traits and health. Anne is a staunch advocate for ‘revolutionizing healthcare with DNA’ and strongly believes that by empowering people with the knowledge of their genetics, you can preempt potential genetic illnesses. They now have over 5 million genotyped customers around the world! The company is now amidst various genetic studies to determine susceptibility for Covid-19! If you’re interested in purchasing either their Ancestry and Traits kit or Health and Ancestry kit take a look here!

Dianne BondyDianne Bondy yoga

Dianne is an activist and accessible yoga teacher who’s leading a revolution demonstrating that yoga benefits all bodies, regardless of their shape, size, age, ethnicity or ability. She conducts yoga courses, events and workshops which include diversity training and Yoga For Everyone which addresses Yoga, Social Justice, Body Image and Anti-Racism. Her incredibly powerful and much needed work has also driven her to write two books, as well as launching a blog, podcast and online yoga classes!

Bayan Farraj – Allure by Bayan

Bayan founded Allure during lockdown, at home in Palestine. Living in occupied Palestine is incredibly challenging. Add to that being a homemaker, a mother of three boys and living under lockdown and not many people would say that it was the best time to launch a business! But Bayan saw an opportunity against the odds. Bayan pours love and hope into Allure, creating natural and affordable skin and body products that are completely free of preservatives. Through online forums and social media, Allure has now grown a thriving community and is giving back to fellow women entrepreneurs via the Business Women Forum in Palestine. Bayan advises her fellow entrepreneurs, “there is no joy equal to that as you see your business grow step by step.” We can’t wait for her to start shipping her products globally!

Today we celebrate all our women identifying sisters and their achievements. We continue to work towards a world of gender equality, call out injustice and increase visibility wherever we can! Collaboration over competition is one of our core values. We encourage lifting each other up, delighting in each other’s skills and promoting collaborative projects.



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