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Our content writer Jasmine is also a Yoga teacher and collaborated with her contemporary dance friend to create Yoga Dance workshops. Here she shares a bit about how you can get creative with yoga and dance, from wherever you are in the world.

Dancing at Rosemary Dream, Brazil. Photo by Julia Gundlach.

At ARDEA, we’re all about creative collaboration. We think one of the most inspiring ways to work can be with another human whose unique skills complement your own. That’s how the Yoga Dance workshops came into being.

Free Up Your Flow

The idea with Yoga Dance is to encourage free movement in the dance combined with the therapeutic benefits of yoga breath work and postures. Each workshop is themed and we set an intention at the start just like in a usual yoga class. The difference is that we play music throughout, we are not confined to the mat and alongside regular yoga postures there are also guided dance movement exercises, partner work, group games and more!

I am now traveling South America and Scout, the dancer I collaborated with, is pursuing her own creative dreams, teaching dance and making music in London. I taught a Yoga Dance workshop in Brazil recently with participants from all over the world! People fully embraced the free movement of the dance and gave some very positive feedback after. They particularly enjoyed the combination of beginning with a meditation and stretches, ending with Savasana and being free to flow and dance in between.

Try it For Yourself

So, in order to spread the joy of Yoga Dance around the world, here at ARDEA we have made 2 playlists that you can listen to at home! All you have to do is roll out your mat, pop the speakers on and let yourself flow.

There’s no need to think or plan, just feel. Ask your body “How do you want to move?” and let the answers come naturally. Invite in a sense of fluidity to the movement by listening to the music and allowing your limbs to follow the rhythm of each track.

At ARDEA, we often start our work days with a morning routine of yoga, meditation and free dance. This really helps us to land in our bodies, tune into our feelings and express ourselves before getting to work.

We like to share our playlists to connect through music so we have each individually made our own Yoga Dance playlist for you to listen to at home. You’ll find they’re quite different which mirrors how our different skill sets and unique approach to life compliment each other in our work at ARDEA!

We’d love to know how you get along so if you give it a try, comment below!

Our Yoga Dance playlists









For Olivia’s click here.                                         For Jasmine’s click here.



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