Dear White Ally & Thought Leader – Is Diversity & Inclusion Reflected in Your Platform?

Angela N. Holton is a Conscious Dating & Relationship Expert, International Speaker, Author, Founder of Love Sanctuary and Creator of The Conscious Dating Method. We saw her Call To Action via a thought-provoking Instagram caption which she kindly allowed us to re-post via our blog. This message needs to be heard!

Angela N. Holton

I have grappled with this question for a long time of my fellow teachers & healers that are of White descent, but now seems a salient time to ask:⁣⁣

Is there diversity and inclusion in your platform?⁣⁣

What I am often dismayed by is witnessing many White teachers, healers et al. reach massive success having few people or none in their audience, followers, workshops, retreats etc that look like me.

As a White person with white privilege, most haven’t noticed or haven’t needed to notice that there aren’t Black people represented. ⁣

Then we must ask: is your platform, service and message only for white people?⁣

Here are some leading questions to ask yourself:

Do you collaborate & feature Black professionals on your podcasts, blog, panels, summits etc?

Do you collaborate with Black spiritual teachers that might not have the same level of influence or number of followers as you?

Are your ticket prices so high that they only include the privileged?⁣⁣ While I’d never suggest or questions anyone’s value in their work, I do ask how do you include minorities and less privileged people in benefiting from your work?

⁣⁣I believe that the spiritual community needs to take a long hard look at ourselves — what really is our mission?

Why do we do what we do and who are we really serving? ⁣⁣I have supported many white teachers only to not have the support given back. I believe it is our duty to serve and support. ⁣⁣I believe Lightworkers are called to serve ALL of God’s children. To make our work accessible to everyone regardless of race, sex, creed, gender, religion, etc. ⁣⁣Jesus would speak to 1 person or a thousand. It didn’t matter. What was important was HIS mission to share his message with as many as he could. ⁣⁣@mariannewillismson said to me directly once, “share your gifts freely and generously. Whenever you get the chance, share it”. ⁣

If Black people are not attending your events, paying for your programs here are a few possible reasons:

1. Your messaging doesn’t connect to them. They feel you are not speaking to them in your message and promotion. ⁣⁣

2. Your workshops, retreats, events don’t reflect people who look like them so they don’t believe you’re reaching them or that they’re included in your work. That your events are exclusively for white people. 

3. Some, not all, may be priced out from your events. Is your ticket pricing so high that you only include the privileged? Do you offer scholarships and sponsorship in your programs? 

Do you follow, support or collaborate with other Black teachers, leaders and healers? There are amazing Black spiritual teachers, authors, healers doing deep profound work that would likely collaborate with you…Myself included. 

Lacking diversity in our programs is no longer acceptable.

White privilege perpetuates racism. It is our duty as teachers and healers to serve ALL of God’s children and make our work accessible to everyone. 

We are the change agents that people will look to for guidance. How are you leading your community? How does your business and platform represent the microcosm of racism. 

I’d love to challenge you to educate yourself and research other great Black leaders and teachers. Follow them, buy from them. Refer clients to them. Learn from their work and mission. Collaborate with them. Invite them to your podcasts, blogs, workshops, summits, panels, etc. 

Don’t know where to start? Feel free to look at my list of people I follow. I am sure you will find great inspiration.

Thank you Angela for allowing us to share your message and work on our blog! To follow Angela on Instagram and stay updated with her work, projects and writing click here.



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