Ethical Copywriting & Business Development Mentorship

4 weeks of 1-1 support, helping you to gain more confidence with the way you write, sell and market your change-making projects and/or business. This mentorship makes sure you know how to describe what you do so that the right people can find you. Let's get clear on your message, brand voice and copywriting technique so you can attract clients that are aligned with your values and excited to work with you!

This is for:

ꐕ Anyone starting out as a freelancer for the first time, who wants to write marketing materials themselves but needs extra support and direction.

✎ Already established small business owners / entrepreneurs who need to get clear on their messaging for an existing or new project. We can focus in on a particular service, program launch or new offering.

✺ Budding ethical copywriters with no idea where to start. This can act as a foundational training to begin your freelance copywriting career. 

⟿ Those who care about the impact their work has and want to carefully consider how their marketing can be focused on inclusivity, accessibility and challenging dominant systems of power.

❂ People who see the value in putting time into laying solid foundations from which to build.

What's Included

Pre-call questionnaire​ followed by a 1 hour kick-off call to establish your goals.

1 hour call to teach the Ardea Brand Voice Creation Method with a guided process to help you get clear on your brand story, values, identity and purpose. 

2 x 1 hour Strategy Session calls tailored to your needs e.g. to work on your website copy, launch marketing OR can be more focused on behind the scenes professional development such as creating/ refining your services.

Audience & industry research guided homework task (this will help us get super clear on WHO your work is for and WHO your marketing is aiming to reach. Also great for budding copywriters to learn how to do this for their future copy clients.)

Brand Voice template for you to work on (including prompts for some of the most relevant copy for your website / messaging).

A clearly organised project planner managed for you to help with your behind the scenes processes. Email support within office hours if you need to check-in / have any questions.

Personalised feedback from Jas in the form of suggested edits and comments on the writing you do throughout our time together. You’ll also be given templates where relevant to keep + use moving forward.

Access to Ardea’s Meaningful Marketing for Freelancers & Change Makers ebook, with 7 chapters to keep as an ongoing resource and read throughout the mentorship.

⌚ Timeline

The mentorship is designed to last 4 weeks. This can be flexible to fit your needs, we’ll discuss your own way of working in our first call. E.g. You may prefer to take 4 months and have 1 call a month.

Week 1: Prep & first call to set goals and plan the topics we will cover in our 3 deeper dive sessions. 

Week 2: 1 hour call to teach the ARDEA brand voice process method & set homework tasks. You work on your homework & send it to me.  I give feedback on your brand voice creation so you can make edits & revise.

Week 3: 1 hour call for extra support on a topic tailored to your needs. Extra space for another writing task to get feedback on your writing from me.

Week 4: 1 hour call to help set you up with what you’ll need moving forward from the mentorship. Topic will depend on your individual plan.

After the foundational trainings of the first 4 weeks, there’s the option to have continued consulting support on a monthly basis if you feel longer term would help your continuing professional development and ethical business growth.

Your Copywriting + Brand Mentor: Jasmine

Jasmine is passionate about ethical copywriting for change making projects. She is an Ethical Copywriter, Brand Strategist & Trauma-Informed Facilitator.

Jasmine loves sharing her knowledge and has had her training featured in various online programs as a guest teacher covering topics such as ethical + accessible marketing, brand voice, values, purpose + sales pages, and trauma-informed business strategy. She’s worked 1-1 with many ARDEA clients supporting them to tell their business story and build values-led brands.

See Jasmine’s Copywriting Portfolio here.

Some of the publications Jasmine has had her writing featured:


By sliding scale, choose which is right for you - no questions asked. We can also offer payment plans if needed e.g. 3 equal payments over 3 months.

Community rate: £550 Surviving – This could be for anyone on a low income, without access to generational wealth or who is working for a non-profit / activist project. 

Sustainer rate: £850 Driving – This price could be for anyone who doesn’t have to worry so much about strict budgeting month-by-month, who will be listing this as a business expense and is relatively comfortable to invest in this kind of professional development training.

Supporter rate: £950 Thriving – This is the full rate suggested for those who can have the training funded by their job, their business, themselves or an investor. This rate is what makes it possible for me to offer the sliding scale pricing to make this work more accessible. As a thank you, you’ll get an extra 1 hour check-in consultancy call 4 weeks after the mentorship ends.

If all this looks exciting, let’s hop on a 20 minute call to chat more about if this is right for you! Get in touch to arrange a slot.