Our Approach

If you're not interested in deceptive sales tactics, one-size-fits-all formulas or unethical marketing then you've come to the right place. We take a personal approach to our work that honours the whole range of lived experience that people come to us with. Our job is to share the core of your story and values with bespoke design and conscientious copywriting tailored to your business needs.

We focus is on building strong foundations so that you feel confident in putting your work out there, starting conversations and building community.

The Team

Jasmine Sara


Jasmine has a wide range of experience with writing and passion for communication. Clients are often impressed with how efficiently she works and how she captures the essence of their story, values and mission where they struggled to express it clearly.

Pre-Ardea her writing included investigative journalism, opinion pieces, NGO campaigns, lifestyle blogging and content writing / marketing for small businesses in wellbeing spaces. She has a sensitive and caring approach to working with people which was further practiced when leading, designing and facilitating retreats around the world. 

Formal Qualifications:

  • BA English Literature, Media Studies and Creative Writing degree
  • Catalyst leadership programme for change makers
  • Yoga teacher training: Trauma informed yoga therapeutics & vinyasa

Olivia Dias


Olivia loves the collaborative process of building a visual identity for clients. She’s always developing her creative practice and professional processes behind the scenes with a keen interest in social responsibility and disruptive tech innovation. 

Pre-Ardea she worked with a variety of small businesses in the industries of fashion, tech and wellbeing. 

Her background in marketing strategy combined with her conscientious approach to design and natural flair for connecting with people make her an asset to have on your team for brand building! 

Formal Qualifications

  • Art & Design Foundation
  • BA Fashion Design Degree
  • SuperHi Brand Design
  • UX Design MA (In process)

We’re driven by our values

Creating a fairer world

It’s heartbreaking living within systems that put profit above people and planet. We want to reduce the harm we do as much as possible and support regenerative solutions. We believe the way we does business has the potential to make lasting change. Are you a social enterprise, activist or NGO? Get in touch to hear about our discounted rates.

Balancing work and wellbeing

We know it’s not easy working for yourself, we’re doing it too! We value open communication and efficient organisation to work at a pace that suits your professional and personal needs. During our time together, if you have any special requirements due to chronic illness, disability or extenuating circumstances then let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure your needs are met. 

Challenging existing power structures

We understand the privileges we have as two cis white women born in the UK and are committed to doing what we can to always adapt and learn within our business to make our work more accessible, inclusive, trauma aware, anti-racist and informed by intersectional Feminism. Some adaptations we can make where neededed include payment plans and reduced prices for clients in the Global South. 

Collaboration over competition

We encourage lifting each other up, delighting in each other’s skills and promoting collaborative projects. Cultivating community lights us up and is central to what we do and our way of thinking. We don’t forget about you once a project is finished, and if we hear of anyone looking for your services/products we will refer them to you!

It's all in our name

The word ‘Ardea’ symbolises the determination of following your own path with a balance between structure and flow. Full story on the blog