Humanise your brand development

with Ethical Copy, Accessible Website Design + Personalised Visual Branding

We design websites, write copy and consult on ethical marketing for social impact businesses and values-led entrepreneurs so they can amplify their change making mission!

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Ardea was co-founded in 2018 by Jas, a copywriter & messaging strategist and Olivia, a brand & UX designer. Ardea Creative designs websites and builds brands centred around community, shared values and ethical business practices.

Ardea is now run by Jas, and we partner with different professionals depending on the project. We choose carefully who we collaborate with and we want our clients to choose us too. Find out more about who we are and what we stand for to see if we are a good fit!

The heart of a business is formed by its values, humanity and ethics.

Our clients created their business out of recognising a genuine need in the world and asking themselves “How can my work meet that need?”

People often find us at the point where they know what they’re here to do and how it can help to disrupt harmful systems to pave the way for social and/or environmental change. The missing piece is getting that message out there with a strong visual identity, captivating storytelling and strategic yet human digital marketing. We help make disruptive businesses visible.

The type of clients we’ve worked with before are social enterprises, well-being studios, therapists, artists + creatives, dance + movement businesses, activists, disruptors, sustainable brands and organic farming collectives. If this all feels exciting, maybe you’d like to be next!

Words from our clients

Marg 🇮🇹

Full Branding, Web Design & Copywriting for web

“Working with Ardea  felt natural from day 1 and it only got better throughout our project. Olivia was able to capture the essence of my brand and turn it into the most aligned visual outcome.

Jas drafted pieces of content for the website that felt exactly how I want them to be: approachable, inclusive, culturally competent and authentic.”

Tamsin 🇬🇧

Visual identity & web design & Content writing

From the start it’s been a pleasurable process, with clear communication, flexibility and creativity on tap.

Their support with writing and branding has helped me regain focus on what’s important and seeing my brand through their eyes has empowered me to push my message even further.”

Pati 🇧🇷

Strategic copywriting for web

“Ardea Creative were recommended by a friend and their service did not let me down. Olivia and Jasmine are very creative and thoughtful about the details. They translated my words exactly how I wanted and felt into my website copy.

I would defiantly recommend them to my friends and work with them again. Thank you, girls!” 

Camila 🇵🇪

Web design & copywriting

“Thank you again for all the time, effort, and energy you have invested in Suelo!

You are the talk of the town! I’ve been promoting you as the web design masterminds!

Everyone loves it, and I can’t express how much I like the design and words. You’ve both given me the inspiration I needed to get back at it.”